LEGO 3 Station: Amazon IRIS Lego Drawer Sorting System Large

The small baseplates on the drawer fronts allow the user to label what is contained in the drawers. Includes 1 large 10 x 10 inches baseplate.

This makes it much easier to keep the pieces from getting strewn all over the place. It makes putting together his old sets much less frustrating, and it’s like we have a ton of brand new toys because we are able to put together sets he destroyed long ago. My nephew is obsessed with legos and we were looking for a way to keep them in one place. The drawers have trays with compartments that can be taken out when playing.And the top building mat is removable so he can take it down and put it on the table to play. The blue and yellow drawers each have two divider trays in them that stack on top of eachother (4 total trays). They are a solid mold; so you cant resize the compartments and don’t have to deal with the little annoying slide in slot compartment type things. Its great for keeping track of all the little pieces. There is room underneath the dividing trays for the booklets. Lego storage units (including the expensive sieve sorter) this is the right one for us!

Lego Accessories Review

Lego accessories Review Showing my lego 3 drawer organizing station. I’m in thee process of sorting pieces here is a video for …

Sort the pieces any way you choose—by color, size, or level of pain when you step on them—with two removable sorting trays that fit inside one drawer. The other drawers are open and have enough space for instructions and base plates. Most orders are delivered within 2 1/2 weeks from the purchase date. Check out great deals on things to do from kids activities to nightlife ; try out new restaurants , spas , massages and hair salons near you, or plan a trip away from home .

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