LEGO 3 Story: James Full Size Lego House Nobody Wants

Lego house now is to cut into it, which would compromise the structural integrity and present us with health-and-safety issues. The 46-year-old claimed his effort is the biggest and most complex plasticine model ever made.

Ring the sound brick doorbell, hear the dog bark, open the roof to access top floor and walk up the stairs in this two story dwelling. Park the car in the garage or pull up a folding chair as you grill your lunch on the patio!

Open the roof to play inside or remove the second floor to play downstairs!

Depending on the parts you have available and how much time you want to put into it, you can make your house a basic bungalow or a masterpiece mansion.Think about what is in a real house and let this be your guide. For example, where should the fireplace go?

If you’re planning to add a second floor, make sure to save plenty of room for stairs. Build up the exterior walls of your house, row by row. Hint: your walls will be sturdier if you don’t just stack the same kind of brick, one on top of the next. Instead, offset your rows so the “seams” between the bricks don’t all line up from one row to the next.

Moc Lego 3 Story Mansion

Thank you for watching!

This is a 3 story Lego Mansion that I’ve created recently.

I made it a long time ago, but I’ve had troubles …

Don’t forget to leave spaces for the windows. Finish setting up the rooms in the house with walls inside. If you have them, you can make your furniture more realistic with specialty parts. These kinds of details can add a lot of realism to your house. Once you’ve finished the basics, you can start adding decorative touches to make your house more unique. Use your imagination and the parts you have available to make your house as interesting as you can. Adding a roof should be the last step in building your house because once you put it on, it’s harder to to move things around inside your house.

You can get around this problem by making a removable roof. Attach it with hinged parts so you can pull it back, or just set it on top rather than locking it in place for easier access. Alternatively, if you have a lot of parts already and are looking for house patterns or just general ideas for your house, there are several websites that provide patterns for free. The pattern will tell you which parts you need to make the house in the picture. Otherwise, you might get halfway through and find that you can’t finish your house. Even if you are building from a set, it’s a good idea to make sure all the parts are there before you start building. Occasionally parts are missing, which can be very frustrating to discover part way through the building process. If you check your parts at the beginning and something is missing, you can take the set back to the store and get a new one it before you start. Go step by step through the instructions, laying your bricks in place exactly as shown in the instructions. Maybe it needs some trees or flowers, or even a garage. For example, you can turn your house into a winter scene by adding thin white pieces to the yard for snow, and making icicles out of clear pieces. Use a large baseplate, so you will have a large building surface to work with, rather than trying to fit a house on a small baseplate. The only limitations on your house are the parts you have available. Lay out your parts in piles or sorted in bins, it will help you find the parts you are looking for later. Stagger the brick joints as it makes the walls more stable. Keep your house away from dogs and younger siblings. Lay out your first row of bricks to create the walls, including for a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

lego story james full size lmoc lego story mansion

Then, continue adding bricks to make the walls taller, but offset each row of bricks so the seams don’t line up in order to make your walls stronger. Finally, build a roof for your house, but place it on top rather than fixing it firmly to the walls so it’s easy to take off later when you need to get into the house to move things around. And don’t forget the play areas on the rooftop terraces!

The process of playing and learning while having fun is a holistic balance of five overlapping competences. The outdoor areas cater for physical play, spatial awareness – and letting off steam!

Custom Build Lego Dream House The Second Floor (Part Of )

In this video I will be showing you guys the second floor of my LEGO Dream House!

I’m so happy that I was finally able to finish …

lego story james full size lmoc lego story mansion 1

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