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We have whiled away many hours building towers, farms, boats, all manner of things. But a few months ago, he became disgruntled with them.

Lego 3 Years Plus

Having a little brother playing with them too, having a little brother destroying them, and quite frankly, they just didn’t do what his imagination wanted them to do. So we moved on with some small packs aimed at 5-7 year olds. There were little pieces, so the first rule set was that they were only to be played with at the kitchen table, where his brother couldn’t reach them. The first half dozen kits were done with some very hands-on help from his dad, but after that he just went with it.The second rule we set was that he has to put the pieces together according to the instructions the first time around, and after that he can do what he wants with the pieces. Some of the packets we have are for ages 6-12, but there seems to be no difference in difficulty level between the five and six year starting line.

I felt certain that my boy would have the skill set for such a piece, but at four years old would lack the patience required for something bigger. Putting together the kit was no problem; in fact it was easier than any of the smaller models he had previously constructed. There are no angle plates, no bearing elements, there are no rims or tires. Now, when he disassembles the kit to construct from pure imagination, he has less freedom to play.

Downtown Car Lego By 2 Year Old

Much like the bulk of his kits, he adapts, but he breathes a heavy sigh as he does so. Because the pieces are pre-connected, the instructions become intrinsically easier. There are fewer steps, because there are fewer pieces. There are fewer small pieces as they are welded together, so the more minute aspects of the traditional instructions simply don’t exist. In the example pictured here, the instructions on the left are for a basic car, in a kit for ages 5-12. Perhaps your child has shown no interest in doing anything but making the pre-determined kit; these kits would not hinder that goal. The architecture kits contain many similar pieces and are therefore often quite simple to put together. For my young four year old, we shall continue with the kits rated for ages five through twelve, with a few six and ups thrown in. As long as the size of the overall construction can fit in my cereal bowl, it is not too big for him too handle without frustration.

I agree the age ratings are suggestions and as always you need to know your kid’s abilities.

I had always put more stock in the age ratings and it is liberating to be freed from that. For example, the front of the fire station is composed of several elements: the perpendicular edges of the fully-constructed wall pieces, columns and a door frame.

I am from the pre-kit days when you just had a rainbow colored pile of pieces & random parts to do something with. Special elements include window, cat and flower to help jump-start imaginations. Container allows for easy clean-up and efficient storage. Both he and my almost five year old daughter love playing with these blocks. My daughter, inspired simply by a picture on the box made a bird the first day she sat down and played with them. My son likes us to make tall towers so he can tear the blocks apart and try to put them back together. Both are getting a lot of good hands-on learning out of them. This set is great because it has a lot of “extra” type blocks, such as the kitty, the door, some long skinny blocks – not just your basic boring blocks. We’ll buy more sets of those, too, but this was great to start with because the kids have fun and interesting manipulatives to grab their attention and get them started. The only irritating thing about it, was the piece with the plastic window that opens and closes was the first thing she pulled off and subsequently lost it. My daughter has above average fine motor skills, but she does have trouble pulling them apart and putting them fully together at almost 2. Maybe her little fingers dont have the “muscle” behind it, but it is something to consider before buying for a child on the younger side of the age range.

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This is her first set but she caught on right away. They are very easy to put together and take apart. She especially loves the little kitty it came with. She has been playing with the set for at least an hour every day, and she’s one who loses interest pretty quickly. While she’s still too young to play with the bricks as intended, she does love to put them in her mouth and bang them together. And also, it’s a great price for this starter set.

I think this toy is awesome because it doesn’t have small pieces for choking hazards, and it’s made of very durable plastic. Easy to clean up and put in the bin, store it by his toy box. Megabloks) and tired of finding that they don’t fit properly causing frustrations to small fingers whose motor skills are only emerging. It’s meant for very young learners who are only beginning to grasp with their hands and pull things togther. So really you don’t need a lot of blocks.

Lego 3 Years Plus

It’s highly educational in helping develop structural concepts and motor skills — and if you are intending to have more kids, you can be sure they maintain quality from one child to the next. They can manipulate these whether or not they’re old enough to actually press them together to build with.

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