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It is highly unusual to see two minifigures included in a single polybag, particularly in licensed themes such as this one. The printing on the torso recalls the fashion of the 1970s, featuring a white jacket with a flared collar and purple trim as well as a bat-shaped necklace.

Lego 30607

Removing the cape and cowl reveals some more detail on the back of the torso as well as the printing on the head which includes angry and bemused expressions. It might have been nice to see a more comical expression for this figure but at least he is smiling. The torso features large polka dots, a bow tie and suspenders on the front but is left blank on the back. Luckily this is obscured by the cape which is made from the original stiff material and has not appeared in green before.Both minifigures are highly detailed and they look great alongside the rest of the range, with a bright colour scheme and suitably comical appearance. The pilot garb seen in the fifth trailer is a particular favourite of mine!

Two-thirds of the way through the trailer maybe?

Killer croc tail-gator was the set for me. Which would be the main reason for me to get that set n the suits.

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