LEGO 3061 City Park Cafe Instructions Viewer

Then hang in the outdoor dining area and have a milkshake in the sun!

Meet up after school and hang in the outdoor dining area!

Lego 3061

Kids aged 6 to 12 years will enjoy playing with the two included mini-doll figures as they stop by for a quick bite or work behind the counter. From cooking to cleanup, this set offers plenty of play options. The seating can be arranged in various ways, and planter boxes with brightly colored flowers add to the cafe’s charm. Movable pieces make this set easy to remodel, redecorate, or entirely rebuild.Marie loves working at this hip cafe, but her true passion is music. Andrea enjoys hanging out and helping around the cafe. Place the mini-doll figures anywhere around the cafe to perform different activities. Cook burgers on the grill or pull shakes from the dispenser. Other accessories include a baking tray, bowl, and spatula. And the biggest benefit for her was that once she assembled it according to the directions, she decided to make her own “improvements”, moving things around into many different scenarios.

Lego Friends 3061 City Park Café Speed Build And Review

We are trying to help her learn to focus on what she is doing as her mind frequently wanders away. She worked with this set one whole day and the next morning and never once lost focus. They play for hours and when their friends are over, these are the toys that are played with the most. There is one indoor table that can seat 4 figures and the outdoor table has 2 chairs, but the figures have a hard time staying on since it’s on the slippery side. The little gumball machine is just too cute. Lots of small special pieces that can be lost but they also help make these friends sets more fun too.

I started to build it and as she saw it forming, she got more interested. This was her first time building legos from a kit and it was a succcess. She did have a few issues when we were putting the “shell” of the cafe together that she needed my help on, but for the most part it was a great experience. This set with 222 pieces can provide hours of age-appropriate building experience and role-playing fun. Of course, it is not for children under the age of six as listed on the product.

I believe it would be a challenge and a lot of fun for any child. My granddaughter really enjoys playing with this. She really enjoyed the challenge of piecing it together, which is explained very well, page by page. She has had hours of fun already with it.

Lego Friends City Park Cafe Set Review!

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