LEGO 31004 Review: Fierce Flyer

Also as far as beavers go this isn’t a particularly great one. One would hope they would have switched the beaver for another deadly creature and called it something else.

Lego 31004 Review

I just feel a lack of commitment with the name and the lackluster alternate builds.

I built the main model, the eagle, by myself, and thought it was a neat build with some interesting features. My only complaint is that the feet seem too large compared with the rest of the body. Since that initial build, my kids have been nuts about it.The eagle is also their favorite, as they can pretend it’s flying all over, but they’ve enjoyed building and playing with the scorpion and the beaver, too.

I am planning on buy one for each of my boys when they achieve their eagle. He made the eagle immediately with his dad. The wings can be moved as if they are jointed, the claws can grab lego friends animals and then drop them from the air to face an unfortunate demise.

I think the animal theme is special as well. Lather, rinse, repeat, he’s a lego maniac.

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