LEGO 31010 Walmart: Amazon Lego Creator Mountain Toys Games

Can we please get a set inspired by freestyle, big-mountain skiers?

We’re sorry to hear that this set wasn’t the right fit for you.

We always like to have a wide variety of sets, that way there’s a little something for everyone. But we do know that every set won’t fit every builder’s interests. They’re made so that you can mix-and-match portions of each set together to come up with cool, unique creations.

You can make your own custom creation that could be a real set someday, or you can lend your support to projects that pique your interest.We are generally happy with it (the owl is awesome), but we will say that it isn’t anywhere as well constructed as say the lakeside cabin (31048), treehouse (31010), or the mountain cabin (31025). In contrast, some of the wall sections are held in with two pins (of sorts). But keep up the mountain, snow, ski theme – we love it!

Interesting build technic with the windows/doors slotting into the openings of the frame, but sure how solid that is though.

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