LEGO 31025 Creator Mountain

This set is recommended for ages 8 and up, due to the complex nature of the build and small parts. The building set features various items included to fully immerse yourself in the rugged landscape of a mountain retreat.

Lego 31025

Explore the mountain with a cave and waterfall while looking for thrilling adventure. Seek out the hidden treasure deep within the depths of the cave left ages ago in times long forgotten. There is a hidden ruby jewel within the cavern of the cave. When you build the rural lodge, you set up camp while you explore the rugged terrain.Create a campsite fire to sit around and tell spooky ghost stories as night falls around you, complete with a pot of yummy campers stew cooking. There is even an option to build a kayak if you prefer to travel by water instead of land. Open up the hinged hut to reveal the cool interior details including a fireplace, table and chairs. This highly detailed model rebuilds into a mountaintop lookout or a fantastic small lodge, so the playing potential is endless!

Outside, a small bridge leads you to little section of a mountain where you can climb or just go prospecting for jewels. The cabin in the main build is the largest part of the build, and the finished model is really nice.

It’s fun to build, it looks great when finished, and the additional builds are good and add value.

We love the eagle, the waterfall and his favorite part, the 4 wheeler. For a kid that mostly wants to open, put together and then forget about them, this makes it more worth the price. Granted, the pieces are awesome for more innovative builders, but for me instructional enthusiast, these sets can’t be beat.

We would collect the pieces together and then point to where they should go. My son usually tears down a set after a day or two, but for some reason this one is surviving.

I enjoyed spending an evening assembling the set and my family has enjoyed exploring the completed cabin. Everyone who views this set comments about the way the mountain is constructed. Even with the mountains pretty much pre-formed, there is still plenty to build in this set but the photos are a bit deceptive. Christmas money and couldn’t wait to build it!

We did help him get all the packages open and sorted, but he did 95% of it himself. The cabin opens on hinges so you can see and play inside, and he loves the cave with the crystals.

I am thinking about buying more and using the parts to make a larger building. The pieces are pretty basic, which makes them easy to repurpose in original works. If you want to create your own buildings, this is actually a better deal than buying the classic brick boxes at the moment. This set is good for learning building techniques and a nice option for adults who don’t want to spend on the modular buildings. It provides hours of entertainment for all of us, and it’s easy enough for my 5 year old to build and play independently.

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Lego Creator Mountain Hut Lego Speed Build

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