LEGO 31025 Pieces: Amazon Lego Creator Mountain Toys Games

I highly recommend this set for its playability and the value of its parts (for making other models). The detailing on the hut is fantastic and the way that it opens (with a split window at the top) is a cool trick.

The hut is situated next to a small alpine-like mountain with a waterfall and stream. The mountain has a hollow inside with a red gem hanging down from the inside. The second places a small log cabin (with bed and stove) at the top of a mountain and features a bridge over a waterfall and stream. This one is brilliant with a lot of wonderful detail to the stream and the tree.The last model is again a mountain hut but with the rockwork built into the hut. They use, primarily, general use bricks and they have directions for different models. This set has nice red and brown sloped pieces, different grays, and lots of brown (which is more useful than one might initially think).

4yr Old Lego Mountain Hut Time Lapse Build!

Lego 31025 550 Pieces

Assembly of LEGO Mountain Hut – LEGO 31025 Building Instructions: …

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