LEGO 31036 Moc: Found

You need to put them on base plates to get them at the same level as the modular sets. Then just add technic axle pieces to clip them together, recreate the sidewalk on the new base plate to finish off the look.

The bike shop in cafe will be much easier to mod and will look better then the toy and grocery shop. Switch from standard plates too base plates.

Custom Lego Creator Toy & Grocery Shop 31036 Rebrick Speed Build

Get limited Custom Lego sets at Rebreick for Creator Toy & Grocery Shop 31036

Lego Toy & Grocery Shop X Expanded Build

Lego 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop expanded using two sets. Only using parts/pieces from the two sets. Alternate build for left over …

lego found custom lego creator to

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