LEGO 31048 Review Creator Lakeside Lodge

The interior is also nicely detailed with a stove, bed corner table, and more. But the two features that really won me over is the yellow flower piece used as a cracked egg in the kitchen, and the same yellow flowers used for making lily pads in the lake outside.

Any idea when they plan to release the next cabin?

As far as when the next cabin comes out, my guess – based on previous patterns – is that it will be at least a couple of years.

I hope you post more about stuff from the community. Yes, the beginning of the year always tends to lean towards news and reviews because so many new sets get released, and most of our readers do want to hear about them.We try to keep a balance between reviewing new stuff, and other topics like techniques and featured creations, but it is definitely a challenge this time of the year. Also, you are always welcome to send in your own articles about something that inspired you or would like to share, or let us know about a creation or technique that you think we should feature. In addition there are some articles we published this month that you may have missed and are not related to new sets or sales. Keep in mind that most of us are way ahead in news, new sets, new parts, etc. That stove and in fact everything inside the house is just gorgeous. The red really compliments the surrounding green and blue, with some nice splashes of yellow, light green and grey thrown in around it.

Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge Review (All 3 Builds!) 31048
Not sure why the floor inside the house is green, unless this is a very basic log cabin with… grass tiling?

There isn’t an alternative piece which would have done better, of course, but maybe that’s the problem. They could have included even more fine detail seeing as they’re only doing it with studs, and there’s a lot left unused.

I like the variation on the windows, but unfortunately the nice ones with glass (plastic) in them are all on the back where you don’t get to see them unless it’s from the inside!

The cover art shows a very picturesque scene of a lodge set by a lake (hence the name!) as well as a friendly moose lurking in the background. Our outdoorsman appears to be enjoying a day of fishing. The build starts with our lone minifig for this set – the outdoorsman. He’s dressed in a suitably outdoorsy flannel shirt. His hair is tousled and he has rather a smirky expression – a rather interesting choice for a minifig in this environment.

I would have expected someone with an expression indicating enjoyment as opposed to smugness. The primary build is straightforward with no challenging techniques, though quite enjoyable. However the lodge itself does come with a good level of detail. There is a kitchenette with a stove, plus an interesting use of a flower as eggs in a pan. A coffee cup and a bottle are located on a nearby shelf. On the other side of the hinged build there’s a comfy looking bed as well as a writing table complete with quill and stationery – but no chair. Perhaps our outdoorsman has moved it outside, but more likely there just wasn’t enough room. Perhaps our outdoorsman communicates with such brevity that a chair isn’t really required?

Outside we have more details – chopped wood, stepping stones, and a small tree. There’s a campfire built that provides an alternative to the stove inside for cooking dinner, in this case freshly caught fish. Finally, a small dock with a chair allows our outdoorsman to indulge his hobby. This is a set where either gender could be used. There are outdoorswomen as much as there are outdoorsmen, and ones that wouldn’t smirk. The inside of the observatory is a small office with a stool and writing desk with a mug and stationery. The observatory (telescope) is located on the roof, naturally.

There are steps at the back of the building to the floor level, and there are ledges to get to the roof.

I think you are supposed to rock climb to get to the top. The engineer in me loves that there is a science theme for one of the builds.

I was hoping that the moose would remain intact for all three builds, but alas, not to be. Inside looks like a lovely writer’s retreat with a writing table and the same chair as the primary build. The writer’s accessories of the stationery and quill are included, as well as a coffee cup on a shelf. Evidence of the outdoorswoman’s prowess (she’s booted the smirky flannel minifig at this point) is mounted as a trophy on the wall over the desk. The outside of the cabin is nicely detailed with a cobblestone walkway, a deck/beach and a small pond.

I rather like the overhanging beams for the outside as well as as how the overhang over the door provides a basis for some green roof cover.

I didn’t have almost any reddish brown bricks or red slopes, you can just imagine that it didn’t end up looking great!

The sort of thing that you can build with basic bricks, which may be its intended market?

Lego 31048 Review

I don’t see much appeal in the bricks or techniques used.

I loved this set and this series if you can call it that.

I might just buy the parts to build the moose.

I like this little set quite a bit, and may pick one up. But did you really swap out the male minifigure for a female one that wasn’t included in this set?

I like the set; like the moose block build. Chop wood for the campfire, do a spot of fishing from the balcony or just enjoy the peace and tranquillity together with the friendly moose and the tiny frog. The model includes the house, a single male minifigure with blue top and beige legs, and a moose. It’s aged for 7-12, but a competent builder of younger than that could probably manage without too much difficulty. Since this is a house, you’re literally using these as bricks, so they go together very quickly and easily. A mountain range at one side and the sea at the other. Now can we have some larger and more elaborate ones please?

Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge Set Review!

(All Builds!)

I review the LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge set, one of the LEGO Creator 2016 sets!

It’s set 31048, and one of the many LEGO

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