LEGO 31051

Vahelduse mõttes võid kogu komplektile mooduleid ümber tõstes hõlpsalt täiesti uue ilme anda või muuta selle paadisilla ja paadiga majaks või paadikuuriks.

We are looking forward to the two alternate builds.

Lego 31051

This was exactly what we hoped it would be. Lego creator sets are awesome because you can make more than one thing with them. Then enjoy a delicious drink at the light keeper’s cottage, where you can see the friendly orca go by before a pleasant evening sat around the open fire while the waves lap on the seashore. A lighthouse that has a light brick so the light at the top comes on.Takes moving and playing with, without falling apart. The seagulls are particularly avante guarde. Lighthouse lights up using a clever push mechanism. Would recommend to anyone of any age and not just kids as lego age range is 4 to 99 after all :-). My 6-year old really loves making this and the 3 in 1 concept is great as you can break it down and start again on a new project – brilliant!

Light brick is a bonus and works very well when in place.

lego image lego creator lighthous 1

Lego Creator Lighthouse Point Lego Speed Build

lego image lego creator lighthous 2

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