LEGO 31058 4th Build: Review Mighty Dinosaurs

They are free of specialised parts and licenses, and the price hike that goes hand-in-hand with them, whist being great looking models that are full of useful elements and creative building techniques. The 3-in-1 nature of the set is also communicated with more clarity than on last year’s boxes.

The wings have three joints each which allow for a wide range of movement.

I understand why this is, but it’s a bit unfortunate nonetheless. This looks like a really great set; thank goodness we’re not seeing price hikes on these animal sets.

I especially like the ribcage fragment that provides pieces for the triceratops horns, too.It’s neat to see how new pieces have influenced what can be done with the models. Since 2014 they only get smaller and smaller. Even without the mini ball joints a much better dino could have been made. And even at that scale, lego got the legs wrong.

I want this set so much, as 31032 has to be one of my favourite sets in my collection, if not my favourite. That way not every dinosaur is not the same color.

How To Build Lego 31058 Mantis (4th Alternate Build Dinosaur)

You can make LEGO Praying Mantis using only LEGO creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058. LEGO creator 31058 4th Build Alternative …

Huw, any chance you might post your version back up?

At 174 pieces, this set was the largest set of the four with nearly a third more parts to choose from than the other three options. What do you think of the four winners when viewing all of the ten finalists?

Shame they are more or less hidden on a website that requires registration, so casual web surfers will not find them. The ideas test lab team should encourage the participants to upload their models to rebrickable or websites alike.

I hope you will consider it for the next round of changes to the site :). It does all sorts of complicated look-ups for parts, but doesn’t have a simple index of alternate builds of single sets.

You have to pick your set first, then go looking for rebuilds of specifically that set. Or for sets you’ve listed in your own collection?

A Lego Speed Build video feat. the secret model from Lego Creator set 31058 from los colegos. More Lego Speed Build videos at …

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