LEGO 31065 Review: Amazon Lego Creator Park Street Townhouse Building

The compact nature also limits the interior details a bit as well. There is no way to get from floor to floor without going outside and using the fire escape, and then you have to squeeze in through windows.

I give this set a build score of 7/10 (70%). It looks like a little couple that lives in the townhouse. She has an orange top, printed on both sides of the torso. Most of my enjoyment for this set will probably come from modifying it for my city.Averaging this with the build time score yields and overall entertainment score of 85%. It has really good brick and build time values as well. As a stand alone set, it lacks a bit of detail inside.

I recommend this set based on value alone if you are trying to build up your city.

I really like hinged buildings so that is actually a plus for me.

Lego Creator Park Street Townhouse Lego Speed Build Review

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