LEGO 31313

We have home users (children and hobbyists) and educational users (students and teachers). There isn’t a clear line between home users and educational users, though.

This article aims to clarify the differences between the two product lines so you can decide which product works best for you. To find the parts you need, start with the diagrams above. The software does not require a license key, so you can download the software early to see if you like the programming language, and to avoid waiting for a big download when you want to get started building and programing. In fact, you can install both versions of the software on the same computer, if you like.See this page for download and installation instructions. This allows you to charge your robot while it’s on. New concepts are demonstrated using a simple vehicle robot. Once transferred to the brick, the robot can run the program on its own. The programming is the same, so anything you learn at home you can use in school and vice versa.

I think the home version is viable and the best overall value.

I was planning on buying the extra parts, but that’s tedious.

I can be building and thinking about coaching techniques.

We have both the #45544 and #45560 sets for our students. Finding your site from the book is a blessing. Unfortunately there will still be a few pieces missing if you have #45544 and #45560. With this book, you can learn just as much about building and programming. The #45544 and #45560 sets are provided by the schools technology department. Do you have a list of missing pieces between the two?

A few things to be aware of regarding the software. It is not possible to upgrade the software from toy version to education version. This model is used with the 46 robot educator activities for students to learn more about the building and programming capacity of this software. Like the building instructions referenced before, these components cannot be added to the toy store software as it has no lobby. And it depends on what kind of ‘normal batteries’ you use. What you learn in school will not be lost. If price is not an object, which of the two would you recommend starting with??

I was thinking about writing a separate article with possible reasons to buy one set or the other.

I do not want to waste money but also do not want to have to keep buying additional parts. During startup, the software gets already stuck. Sometimes a bug in a project can cause the software to crash.

I believe you said the software was working fine at first. In the mean time, just use it as a reference. Maybe use that one to make your own list. It tells you which bricks are equal in both sets (ignoring the colors). Robot only using these bricks you will be able to build it with both sets.

It seems to me that with the home edition, kids can get started quickly with fun builds. But for the long run, is the educational edition better with the added software features and the ability to extend more easily?

My son is 10 and this will be his first mindstorms kit. The home edition is has more ‘instant fun’.

I look forward to starting the fun projects with my son. Hope to see your books on the shelf soon!

Think of it as a useful resource pack for your own creations. Technic building elements that is required?

I think that this set makes it possible to make the transition from ‘play’ to ‘serious play’ quite smoothly. Although, that shipment is not due to arrive for another week.

I do have some specific questions to ask if you don’t mind helping me out here.

Lego 31313

I am looking for instructions to build a few of the core set models, namely “gyro boy” and the “puppy”. Third, do you know of a good guide for creating custom configuration control setup with the bluetooth “commander” applications?

Do you know from of any specific models which would not work with the added thicknees created when using the rechareable battery pack?

The infrared sensor basically has three functions. For example, you cannot make the robot run a specific task when you trigger a button. The ultrasonic sensor is much more accurate for distance sensing, but the infrared sensor is a bit more versatile depending on which features you’ll use.

I think it fits in most of the bonus models as well. Will the brick definitely work fine with standard rechargable batteries?

The Difference Between LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition 31313 and LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 45544 Robotsquare

It’s a bit of an investment, but ultimately it’s cheaper and easier than using non rechargeables. Hopefully future official firmwares have support for more dongles. Linux users are already creating firmware versions with support for more dongles). It also consumes less battery and it’s easier to set up. And the programming software does not run on tablets.

I think it should be possible to install and uninstall it later so you could try both. The main difference between education and core set looks like it is software. At that price, you can almost buy two complete sets. He also loves minecraft, plays a lot with redstone and is creative at building things on this game. But she is unable to build a lego set, mainly because she is fed-up after less than 30 minutes. If that doesn’t help, just pick the home edition for now, because it’s probably the easiest one to buy as well.I probably should have bought the education version, but this retail version works for teaching too as far as you build a simple vehicle. This helps in understanding as a sample code for each of the sensor or motor.

We are in malaysia and would like to purchase a 45544 along with the expansion kit for our son’s home use. Does the 45544 come with the required software?

You just have to figure out if you want to purchase the parts individually or in a pack of 50-100.

I can see that many are mastering the sets and ready for the next challeng.

Lego , Mindstorms Ev Unboxing

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 – Unboxing This is part I of my EV3 unboxing videos. Here is part II: …

Even to those of us without a technical background. Just a mom trying to get young children excited about engineering & science. On the other hand, it depends a bit on what you want to build. Lego store people said it would work but no icon shows up when the software is running. Can you buy parts individually or as a full set???

When programmming, you can choose which sensor should trigger a particular action.

I quoted my information from a document that came installed with the software. Maybe it’s the marketing department who came up with those numbers, trying to make it more “accessible” for schools with low-end computers?

I will use education set with official software. Only the ‘eyes’ are shaped slightly differently, but that doesn’t affect the way it’s built into a robot.

I wrote another article here with some more considerations about choosing between the sets. Do keep in mind that even though your son has quite some building experience, programming is a different kind of task.

I wouldn’t complain except it’s realllly bad.I am wondering about the programming aspect.

I have tried both the slower and faster processor and it definitely is program that has a need for speed. Myy high end 2010 laptop didn’t give very good results. The problem is that the software can utilize only one core. My only real question concerns the software. This may be interesting if you want the whole team to work with the same software.

I also bought your book, really great stuff!

But the education version contains building instructions for the education models, and the home version includes building instructions for the home kit.

I am thinking about buying him an expansion set also. But will those sets work with the home edition?

You’ll need to buy a few additional pieces. Previously, we have to pay for the software and there were 2 kinds of licneses, single license and site license. Look at the splash and terms pages first.

You can also look judge for yourself, to some extent by putting things in your basket and seeing what the estimate is on weight. Often their new prices are cheaper as well. However, you must calculate the cost of shipping into the cost of what you are buying!

I would suggest it would be worth starting there for ease.

We likely will buy from a variety of sources for the most economical solution. With this information the right part-number is easy to find.

We also bought the expansion set, not knowing it worked with the education version only. Or will this only pop up when connecting it to an actual brick?

I most certainly will highly recommend this web site!

People who find the graphic interface of the official software intimidating (or too limiting) may want to look at some of these alternatives. Geen zorg; u neemt contact op met onze klantenservice. This article aims to clarify the differences between the two product lines so you can decide which product works best for you and gives the result which product is best to buy. The sturdy plastic box further contains storage bins for your technic elements.

I added a few comments in parentheses–they are not official comments. As of 2017, no paid license is required to download, install, or run this software. For example, you can plot a graph of the light level in a room, and see it change over time.

You may want to invest in 6 high performance rechargeable batteries with a dedicated charger. If you do, you’ll probably want to get at least 12 batteries so you can use one set while you charge the others. No need to take your robot apart when the batteries run empty.

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