LEGO 3177 Instructions City

It’s good to get a couple of them to go with the lego city as a city needs more than one car in it. The pieces can be used for other things besides the car, in case you need a spare lego.

Lego 3177

It’s a cute little car to go with any of the lego sets & does come with one man figure.

I would recommend this to any lego collector as you can always use the pieces and the figure comes in handy. They keep my 7 year old’s mind active and engaged. Once we were able to get our hands on the instructions we saw that this car was almost the exact same.He likes it a lot, but a disappointment is that the top will simply not fit unless you either remove one of the pieces from the inside or take the hair off the lego man.

We opted to remove the “brake light” from the car in order to put on the top. Once together, he played with it every time he was here. Eventually he began swapping parts with other sets. So naturally they are great gift choices for birthday boys. Includes one mini-figure, suitcase and small city car with opening doors and removable roof.

Lego City 3177 Small Car / Stadtflitzer Lego Speed Build Review

They can become heroes in so many ways: extinguishing fires as a firefighter, arresting robbers as a police officer, or flying rescue helicopters to save lives.

lego image instructions city lego city image small c 1

Lego City Car

well this must be one of the smallest sets but well worth the money.

lego image instructions city lego city image small c 2

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