LEGO 3181 Set Passenger Plane Instructions City

Collectible character figures let builders create fun and exciting scenes while encouraging interactive play. The pilot is already in his seat, making last-minute checks and waiting for direction down the runway.

Lego 3181 City Passenger Plane Set

The passengers are ready to stow their bags and take their seats!

Open the doors and remove the top of the plane to see what’s going on inside!

The little trolley cart and wine glasses are cute. The whole top can come off for easy play.He loved building it and is proudly displaying it. My son can still play with it, and it stays intact. It keeps him so busy and quiet – the instructions were great – he didn’t need any help. Then he builds it back to the origianl size. The size of the finished product is amazing and so realistic!

It is very fun but you have to keep track of every single part or else it will stink.

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