LEGO 3182 Price: BrickLink

Build the ultimate luxury airport experience, featuring a private plane with accessible interior, limousine and ice cream!

Limousine measures over 1” high, 8” long and 1” wide.

This set immerses kids in the world of travel and provides multiple opportunities for imaginative play. It features a private limousine with driver to take the busy businesswoman to the airport; a private plane with pilot, accessible interior, and turning nosewheel; and an airport service vehicle with airport worker to make sure everything runs smoothly. Plane features accessible interior and turning nosewheel. Drive the businesswoman to the airport in the limousine and make sure she gets to her plane on time.Take a seat and buckle up-it’s time for takeoff!

I gave it to my five year old son as a gift, and he loved it.

You have to pull the tops off of the airplane and limo to get the characters in and out, but that’s not an issue. The jet is beautiful, once constructed, with tons of features (including a detailed and awesome interior!) and the limo and airport service vehicle are nice additions. Despite the relatively small amount of bricks in this set, it was lots of fun to assemble (particularly the window panes in the jet and the rubber tires).

I also love the fact that the mini-fig owner is a woman!

I also like the look of the pilot, with his jaunty cap, sunglasses and smug little smirk. No pieces missing, comes with box and instructions.

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