LEGO 3182 Review: Found

Unfortunately there is no cardboard to keep the booklets and sticker sheet flat (though fortunately mine were not crumpled), but never fear, there is a brick separator!

There are six minifigures included in this set: two airport workers, a rather debonair pilot, and three passengers.

Lego 3182 Review

The first few bags build the small truck with carts that you see on airport runways. There is also a fueling tank and a rolling staircase that sits next to the plane to allow for boarding. The body of the plane is built with five seats for passengers. There is a small galley with sink and oven in the front of the plane right behind the cockpit.There is an odd choice for the door to the lav – a swinging door. Stickers are used for decorations for the outside of the plane.

I like how the stickers for the outside match colours with the piping on the plane. They do seem a bit superfluous, though they do make the plane look nice. The plane is finished with the tail fin, that uses yet more stickers. The remainder of the build is the control tower and terminal building.

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First there is a metal detector screener leading to the waiting/secure area of the airport, which seems taller than it needs to be for the minifigures.

I think the same effect could have been made with half the height, except that would not allow for an impressive height for the overall tower. However it does seem to be similar to many modern airports with the high ceilings. This area also seems to be someplace to check luggage as evidenced by the rather nifty conveyor belt that comes in a full part. The moving parts of the set include a revolving door (a very tall one, for the first floor) that leads from the secure area of the airport out to the tarmac, and of course the conveyor belt. The build is finished with a small control tower on top, however there are no visible means for a minifigure to get up there.

I really like the use of the larger clear pieces in the waiting area and control tower to allow for lots of light. All the major parts of the plane – the wing, cockpit, tail and body – are new to this set in their colours. The inside of the plane has a minimal amount of details, with five seats, a galley and a lavatory. The outside of the plane looks quite smart with all the stickers applied.

I bought this on sale, and even at a reduced price it still feels expensive. Basically, the only thing that the two sets have in common is that they both have planes. However there is quite a bit of difference on the inside of the planes.

I really hate the lack of runways with the modern sets, it’s not like you can even buy them new. My old 6392 had 4 plates for the aircraft alone.

I can’t understand why all these planes keep having the same hideous undercarriage?!

I really like when people are comparing similar/previous sets. Gives a an idea about a development of the sets and themes. The plane is nice as well with its white, orange, and blue stripes.

I really appreciate the side by side comparison of the similar sets. What’s more, the disadvantage to having a plane wide enough to seat two rows of passengers is that it inevitably takes up a big portion of the budget even for a larger set like this one. If the set were just the airport with no plane, then the terminal could probably be around twice this size at the very least… but then the set would not offer such a complete play experience. Airport theme is one of those that doesn’t quite occur every year. Bag 4 finishes the fuselage and all that is left are the engines and tail section.

Bag 5 has the landing gear, tail, winglets, and engines. Bag 7 finished off the front facade adds in a metal detector and the baggage check-in station. Bag 8 is the final bag with the roof being completed and then the control tower. The age range listed is 6-12 years old so clearly it is not meant for old farts like me looking for a good building experience. It includes a jet plane, flight terminal, control tower and more. Nothing too scary in the build other than there is so much to build. The little touches of detail like coffee machines in the airport and the little computer at the check-in desk give it great play value (there are lots more too). He’s a massive fan of lego anyway but this is definitely one of his favourite ones. There’s a lot to this set, lots of bits and pieces to put together, and the revolving doors are a real bonus. The airport building is perhaps a little flimsy and this can become a bit frustrating. The plane however is fantastic, has a door that open and closes and it’s a really good size.

Lego 3182 Review

My kids will be playing with this set for years to come. Theres no back to the airport, and no stairs to get to the top floor. The terminal building was tricky but very effective when finished. The plane, however, was a disappointment. The wheels will not stay on the plane and as a result it has been cast aside. The trucks are being used as is the terminal building but the connections do not hold together. The detail in the different blocks and the ingenious way the pieces fitted together to make intricate shapes was very clever.

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