LEGO 3221

To my surprise, he started to put them together.

You get the two characters along with the sack truck & several blue boxes which fit inside the trailer (then promptly slide to the end where you can’t reach them, meaning the removal of the roof or the tipping up of the whole trailer).

Lego 3221

You can assemble and disassemble the pieces any number of times. Still, they will retain their freshness without loosening the joints. Unfortunately, the pieces are not numbered with their group numbers. Otherwise, it is easy to mix the pieces across groups.My brother kept it on display in his room for a while. Sadly it may be pulled apart by younger children, and there is not much you can do with it after constructing it. It was about half the recommended retail price and as lego is so expensive this was great. It was a big model and he loved building it with the family. His dad tells me he plays with it regularly so it really does get five stars.

Lego City Truck

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