LEGO 3293: Benny’s Set

It looks cute, but not sure if it is worth the money. The box says that the age range for this toy is 2-5.

Lego 3293

However, the rod connectors are too hard to assemble for a child this young.

I have even rated somewhat high for education, because my son who is four has learned all about construction vehicles, what they do and the correct names.

Lego Duplo Bob The Builder 3293 Benny’S Dig Set Aka La Benne De Benny

Lego Duplo Bob the Builder 3293 Benny’s Dig Set – 19 pieces. Can we build it?

Yes we can!

Can Bob’s tools destroy it?

Yes they …

lego image benny lego duplo bob the bui 1

New Info On Lego Ucs Cloud City!

The rumored UCS Cloud City is supposed to come out in late 2018.

We now have MORE INFO on this possibly monstrous LEGO

lego image benny lego duplo bob the bui 2

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