LEGO 32×32 Base Plate White

You can also find this part in at least 25 other colours. These plates all have attachable bottoms.

You get exactly what you see in the pictures. All plates are in excellent condition and work perfect. A great set for adding on to any collection!

As legos are sorted out of the mixed boxes, they are separated into colors that have been identified as lego colors.Now all 3 kids have their own lego building tray that can be easily moved and no fighting over space or parts. Easy to cut to size with a utility knife.

We bought four of them, and my husband attached them all to a square piece of plywood with screws and put casters on the bottom. It has been used almost daily for over a year, and there have been no problems at all.

I had suggested my older child give his. ..

I am not sure how the legos are supposed to even be firmly attached as this piece flexs.

This is especially true of my four year old son (almost 5) who is absolutely passionate about building things. It works great, and the entire mall fits on the one building plate. Now she has her mall stores spread out over two building plates and it looks fantastic!

I recommend these, but get the smaller size plates if you just want to play with them on the carpet or something, they won’t feel as flimsy. The quality of these are good, but the large size allows them to deform more, etc. This plate is 50% larger and gives them each a personal, portable space for building their creations and keeping them intact. But ours generally only go from the floor to the table and back again, and they’re fine for that purpose. Excellent for saving large projects as you add to them.

We have 3 of these in gray and a few of the smaller tan building plates as well.

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How To Buy Any Baseplate From Lego!!!

How I Buy My Baseplates!

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