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Assemble their bright red, three-seat sleigh, adorned with a green sprig of holly and riding atop sturdy grey runners. Secure the large chestnut horse to the sleigh with the light grey plastic reins, so the driver, complete with black top hat and riding whip accessory, takes his two passengers dashing through the snow on a joyous holiday ride through their village.

Lego 3300014

Once completed, use glue to seal the constructed scenery of this limited edition set in place and add a permanent piece to your decorative collection, or dismantle it all and enjoy building again and again. The mini figurines add so much to the set. Features streetlamp, horse with movable legs, 2 trees, bench and 4 minifigures. He did need help from my husband to build the set, but that makes sense because the set calls for ages 7 and up, and it is almost 5 years old.I love the little sleigh and the park bench. Very small set, but festive when added to the other lego christmas items we have.

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