LEGO 3315

There are loads of rooms to hang out in, and a big garden where they grill sausages and chicken on the barbecue or play on the swing. There’s a roof terrace for sunbathing on summer days too, with an umbrella in case it gets too hot.

Inside there’s a kitchen with food to prepare and cook, a living room to relax in and watch your favourite movies, a bedroom for fab friends sleepovers, and a roof terrace with a lounger and parasol for summer time sunbathing. Oliviaher parents and her pet cat live in a bigbright house with lots of rooms for hanging out and having fun. The house itself does come with loads of extra bits and pieces and is both stackable (as a town house) or can be placed side by side.

You can vary how you join parts of the house together.My daughter doesn’t like that there isn’t a lift or stairs but you can make some with other lego pieces!

She is 5 and due to the simplicity of the instructions can pretty much build this herself. When my daughter was young she had to make do with sharing her brothers sets, but now my grandaughter is able to have her own. It took many long hours for 8 year, to put it together.

I could not be happier seeing my littlebit hyperactive child concentrating so hard.

I know many ridicule the “girl’s” lego but my daughter adores this – the attention to detail and the little extra touches are inspired.

I love Lego Friends Olivia’s House 3315, it’s one of the first Friends set I ever bought and I desperately wanted it because it really …

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