LEGO 3368 Price Space Center BPRR

You can refuel the rocket with the fuel tank and pump, activate the elevator to take the astronauts to the cockpit, use the tools to adjust the rocket engines, or load the satellite before takeoff!

The fuel tank can be filled up and pumped while the astronauts can activate the elevators up to the cockpit.

The rocket can be adjusted before lift off. Prep the astronaut for launch, fuel the rocket and adjust the engines, get mission control ready, and then activate the elevator to load the astronaut into the cockpit. Start the countdown for sending this adventurous crew into space!

The payload compartment has the ability to hold either an astronaut or a satellite, both of which can be loaded into the rocket using the manually operated elevator.Other cool features include an elevator that goes up and down, a rolling launch pad that holds the rocket and locks into place on the launch platform, a transport vehicle for driving the astronaut to the launch site, and tools for the mechanic to make repairs. One of the astronauts comes equipped with a stellar space helmet. Each package of pieces is numbered and has its own instruction manual for building that specific section. Long story made longer (ha), he loves it and even spends hours playing with it after he built it. This space center took many hours and he worked on it a little bit every day for about a week. It is not that it is difficult, it is that it is nicely packaged in to many little subsets such that he builds one and then plays with it for maybe the rest of the day and then the next day he builds the next little set, etc.

The straight-forward nature of the parts has let him keep putting it back together when it comes apart in play. Lego discontinued this great set and didn’t make any replacement for the space-loving. .. The quality is always superb, nice details, excellent educational model for young kids. Once kids assemble the set as directed, they can construct it according to their imaginations. Children who are younger than six can still build this set with a little adult supervision. This minimizes confusion and prevents the pieces from getting mixed up. These instructions include clear, easy to read illustrations so that you can know exactly where to place every single brick. Should you misplace a brick, however, the detailed pictures can help you figure out where you went wrong in the building process. It also includes a number of fun accessories, such as a satellite and astronaut minifigures. The minifigures are the accessories that bring the set to life.

You can use the figures to launch your satellite or rocket into space. If you decide to have your astronaut fight off an army of space invaders, you may use the weapon accessories from another set to prepare him for battle. It keeps the imagination going instead of the video games. Then get back to the control center to start the countdown. Make it your mission to send this super crew into space!

Use the tools to adjust the rocket engines!

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