LEGO 3409 Championship Challenge: BrickLink

The pitch is simple and quick to construct, though the small pieces are numerous and nimble fingers are required to fix the finer parts such as advertising stickers, elastic bands that give the goalkeepers their quick reflexes, corner flags and nets. Choose from the two teams, one in green and white stripes, the other in red and white, then toss for the kick-off and get one of the small balls included in the kit moving.

Lego 3409 Championship Challenge

The ball may prove difficult to control to begin with, so be prepared for multiple throw-ins, particularly when playing against younger coaches. The teams sport a variety of hair styles, (including baldness and sweat bands) and clothes, adding to the interest and fun. Play with a friend, pick a team, then shoot to score. Comes with five players and a goalkeeper for each team, plus four balls.I bought this and an expansion pack and it is great for everyone, football mad or not. Very like subbuteo however easier to play and muche easier to score.

Lego Sports (Soccer) Championsship Challenge Review Set 3409

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Lego Sports Football Soccer Championship Challenge Review Brickqueen

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