LEGO 3450 Of Statue Liberty Sculpture Parts Inventory Instructions

Buy lego statue of liberty 3450 – retired sculptures model – 100% complete!

Buy lego statue of liberty 3450 sculptures 100% complete very rare!

Lego 3450 Statue Of Liberty Sculpture

In real life, the statue stands at 151 feet tall and the pedestal adds another 89 feet. This “stud-less” look adds an incredible level of realism to the final model. Combined, the entire pedestal set is 6, 212 pieces!

Therefore, shipping is free to all locations worldwide.U kunt nog niet bieden omdat u nog even moet wachten tot we uw telefoonnummer hebben gecontroleerd. Als bij een eerste bod de minimumprijs (verborgen ondergrens) van een kavel nog niet is gehaald kan een bieder zichzelf overbieden om zo te proberen de ondergrens van een kavel te bereiken. Als een automatisch bod (zelf ingesteld maximaal bod) wordt overboden, dan toont ons systeem het eerste bod en het automatische bod van dezelfde bieder na elkaar. Daarna volgt dan het bod van de nieuwe hoogste bieder. Uw huidige bod ligt onder de minimumprijs voor dit kavel. Plaats nog één bod om de minimumprijs te bereiken!

Lego 3450 Statue Of Liberty Speed Build Large 2881 Piece Sculpture

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Het huidige bod voor dit kavel ligt onder de minimumprijs. Uw hoogste bod viel onder de minimumprijs voor dit kavel. Omdat de minimumprijs niet werd behaald, werd het niet verkocht. Als u snel bent, kunt u nog een van de kavels hieronder winnen!

Gefeliciteerd met het winnen van dit kavel. Markeer dit kavel als favoriet en kom later terug om uw eerste bod te plaatsen. U heeft nu de unieke kans om dit kavel te kopen. Als u een nieuw maximumbedrag invoert, kunt u voor blijven op nieuwe biedingen van anderen. Ons systeem zal dan voor u blijven bieden, telkens met de kleinst mogelijke biedstap, totdat uw maximumprijs is bereikt. Bouw twee keer en het is 200% origineel, schoon en compleet met alle vakken en nieuwe instructies. Build twice and it’s 200% original, clean and complete with all boxes and new instructions. Verzendkosten zijn alleen voor bestemmingen op het vasteland. Let op: als u besluit te betalen via een bankoverschrijving, kan het tot 2 werkdagen duren voordat uw betaling verwerkt is.

We raden daarom aan om een van de directe betaalmethoden te gebruiken die beschikbaar zijn op onze betaalpagina. A close friend of mine no longer needed it, and was interested in the hefty price it fetched. In case anyone asked for pictures before ordering, we assembled it and it gave me an excuse to take pictures of it. Lego released this green giant in a super-model that was quietly released and discontinued.

I find this surprising for such a huge set, but there really aren’t any playability features to advertise. Here there are only two, but the occupy most of the vertical space. The original box lid actually didn’t rest all the way on the bottom. It’s not really the kind of box you would keep, but you might as well. The new layer appears in sand green, while the previous step is gray. That sky with cloud background shows up yet again. The back is almost identical to the back of the box.

Lego 3450 Statue Of Liberty Sculpture Zeer Zeldzaam

The pieces in this set are all sand green, apart from the torch and the baseplate. This is a bit of a bummer, but there’s really no way to avoid it and keep the model accurate. There are bricks, plates, and jumpers all throughout. It would have been cool to have more tiles but very unlikely since the whole thing would have to be coated in them. The build goes layer by layer, in a slow but steady process. And if you do and you don’t notice until later, you’re in trouble!

I three days the first time, of fairly constant building. Please note that the bottom is not lighter, it’s just the photo. Although it’s a bit blocky, it’s extremely accurate to the original.

I think the ugliest part by far is the book. It looks more like a mangled piece of paper to me!

Lego 3450 Statue Of Liberty Sculpture

I absolutely love the face and the torch.

I think her wrist looks a bit thin, but perhaps the actual statue looks this way too.

I really love the skirt because the way it spreads is really accurate.

I think using plates on the book could make it less ugly. Lots of jumper plates are used to create incredibly realistic detailing. The flames look really cool, and are contoured backwards. The wrist and especially the torch have a knack for falling off. My new kittens were fascinated with the statue and the one part that didn’t survive their attacks was the torch, which fell and made a nasty dent in my studio.

Lego 3450 Statue Of Liberty Sculpture 2882 Pieces

Besides the baseplate, this is the only non-sand green part of the entire set. The crown looks quite nice, although it’s fairly unstable. On one hand it’s not fun to play with, on the other, it’s not intended to be played with. Once the build is over, you’re fine and this set is far too beautiful to part out. Look over the ratings and you’ll see that many categories that “regular” sets are judged on really don’t apply to this one. The build seems like it would be extremely boring, but the end result is spectacular!

It was a bit dull to build challangewise, but as you wrote one could really see the progress.

I was extremely lucky – my set came with extra pieces to build the sandstone base !

I imagine if you are a big fan of this color this would be an ultimate must have. Its one of those sets that will probably come back eventually. The set is fine for anyone over probably 18.If there would have been extra pieces included the box would have had to be twice the size and them some. ..

I just couldn’t resist sharing with all of you this wonderful story.

I have been planning to add one of these to my own 3451 set for a long time, but there’s no need to re-invent the wheel if you have already done it!

In anyone willing to share his/her building instructions, pictures and/or parts list?

Seems there is quite a large variety of custom pedestal’s around the place for this set.

I concur that it really needs the pedestal.

Lego Sculpture Statue Of Liberty Set Review


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