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When and why were pieces 3651 and 3652 discontinued?

Why were these useful parts discontinued?

Lego 3651

I once made a space ship go up and down that way. Those connectors use with a 1×10 plates made for nice barriers, to name just one use. Browse other questions tagged technic piece-information history discontinued or ask your own question . How do they decide when to remove an element from production, and what happens to the molds when they are retired?

Team 3651

This is our robot for the past FIRST Vex season.

lego image bricklink team image

Lego Ninjago Movie Pack Unboxing!

Thank You Wb!

Thank you Warner Bros. and Lego Ninjago for sending me these great items!

this was an amazing unboxing!

im happy to have …

lego image bricklink team image

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