LEGO 3828 Temple Parts Inventory Instructions

Only let down is that they only made 2 sets in this fantastic series. The finished model features a trap door, a working seesaw-like catapult that flips figures or blocks outward in the temple’s defense.

The front gate is made up mostly of round, single-stub pieces that simulate wood logs. My 9 year old was thrilled with this gift. This made the toy a good family activity and we were able to put it together sitting in the middle of the living room floor over the course of several nights. The lego mechanics used are neat and thought provoking.My daughter has enjoyed playing with the legos and uses her imagination to rearrange them to build different items around the temple.

I would recommend a plastic storage box for the temple and its associated pieces, otherwise you will be finding them with your feet and vacuum cleaner.

I only gave four stars because of the complexity of the directions. An older child (about 10) would be able to assemble this alone, but may not get as much enjoyment out of it. He picks them out and “we” put them together. Lego sets so this is just way fun for me.

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The gate itself features an elaborate closing mechanism connected to the disks on its front. When detached, a soldier fits into the lower carriage section, which has a small engine in the back. The small catapult is triggered by pushing down a lever at the side, and it’s ammunition consists of transparent-green cylinders.

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Lego Instructions Avatar ™ Air Temple

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