LEGO 3831: BrickLink

My only problem and reason for not 5 stars is the stickers that have to be put on.

I just wish lego would print the picture to the lego.

Lego 3831

Afterall these pieces can not be used as anything else or you would have to take the stickers off. The rocket ride is great fun with the doors opening to the rocket and areas for the figures to go in and out of, but as it is a tall construction it does fall appart very quickly, especially if moved.

Lego Spongebob Squarepants 3831 Rocket Ride Nickelodeon

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lego image bricklink lego spongebob squarep 1

Lego Spongebob Rocket Ride Stop Motion Build Review

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lego image bricklink lego spongebob squarep 2

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