LEGO 3840 Pirate Code

A game of logic and luck, secrets and treasures for 2-4 players. Lego components, then 2-4 people can play the code game.

Lego 3840

Once the game is assembled, players set up their own secret code by placing 4 of the colored jewels inside their treasure chest. Players then take turns rolling the die, selecting colored jewels to guess the codes of the other players. Play continues until all the codes have been cracked; last person standing is the winner. They tend to come off too easy with normal play, thus revealing the player’s secret code.A game of logic and luck, secrets and treasures for 2 to 4 players. They loved putting it together, and then the game itself was really fun to play. Other than that, it was a pretty sturdy game. The lego pieces are of course very durable. Its not really challenging enough for adults. This is a good toy to teach logic and deduction skills.

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It’s fun to put the game together but for actually playing, we find it easier for each person to put their chest much closer to their body, not hooked together as one big board. The box it comes in is nice, much more sturdy than the average game box. Younger kids will probably need some help playing/understanding this, at least at first. Logic is an art that is, in my opinion, neglected nowadays. While this game is reliant on a good bit of luck, the player who has stronger deductive reasoning skills tends to be the winner. My five year old has a little trouble reasoning out some of the moves but clearly understands how to play the game. Every time we play his logic skills seem to get stronger and he is beginning to understand how to manipulate the colors to crack the codes. The game is very fun once you figure out the rules, which for us was little confusing at first.

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