LEGO 3841: Minotaurus

You need to put the maze and the die together which they were able to do by using the templates and looking at the step by step instructions. If my older grandson is typical, children are really into mazes at age 7 and 8, and love doing mazes and making their own.

Lego 3841

Playing the game is more up to chance/luck. There is limited use of creativity in the actual playing of the game.

I think including the story in the game would be a valuable addition. The point of the game is to maneuver each of your three game pieces from your home base to the center base of your corresponding color in as fast a time as possible.Typical gameplay will have each player rolling the d6 once, moving that many spaces (or obeying the rule of the side they roll) and then passing the die to the person to their left. Each turn that player can really only move one of their pieces, so it takes a while to move everyone towards the middle. The challenge in the game, you might ask?

This game gets really crazy when you play by the rules set by the players and not by the manual.

I play it so that whenever someone reaches the middle base, they can swap out any side of the d6 with a separate color block that they can set their own rule to; for example, you can replace the “2” side with a green tile that lets you move another player’s piece up to 3 spaces, etc. With the amount of creativity and expression you can put into this game, it becomes a riot quickly, and soon enough a party favorite.

Toy Brief 48 Minotaurus Lego Game Set 3841 Opening Building Review Play

Join us as we open, build, and play the new LEGO game Minotaurus set 3841!

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Whether you’re 8 or 85, you will love this game. The game plot is similar to that of backgammon. Clear and simple rules make this game great fun for the whole family. Small parts, not for children under 3 years.

You even have to build the die that you roll!

You move your tokens by rolling a three, four, five or six. Suprisingly, we loved it almost as much as he did, and game play quickly became a nightly routine. It offers greater strategic planning and a longer and more complex game play period.

I have no reservations about whole-heartedly recommending this game as an alternative to the host of other brain-numbing kids’ games out there. This is one that kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents can enjoy!

We also like games that don’t take too long and you can shorten or lengthen this game to your liking. The game instructions are quite simple, but the game is very fun. Quite good plus, putting lego together is awesome!

Clear and simple rules make this game great fun for the whole family (2 to 4 players).

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Lego Games Minotaurus

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