LEGO 3854 Games Frog Rush

But watch out for the stork looking for a snack!

You can have fun eating other peoples frogs who are about to leap to safety – teaches strategy, colours and counting.

Lego 3854

He has 4 others and was looking at the book in another box and said he’d like this one. This game is good as you can change it for 2, 3 and 4 players and adults can move the small pieces easily unlike some others. The set up is simply to get your frogs from one side of the pond to the other without being eaten by the heron.

We play with the additional rule hat you can get your eaten frogs back (whoevers noisiest gets eaten!).Beat the others across the water, but beware of the hungry stork flying overhead!

Just the multitude of frogs (20 in all), you would be paying well more than that elsewhere. It’s great because they can get creative with the game board and make the game even longer and more interesting. Our son is 6 and this game is perfect for his age, would totally recommend this to any parent looking for an affordable game that promote creative and strategic thinking. The game “board” (a frog pond) is very small, as are the frog gamepieces. The game itself is very simple to play – just a basic leap frog until all the frogs are home or gone.

Lego Frog Rush For Toys R Us And Lego

It’s a small pond with a big problem!

All the frogs want to get across at the same time, hopping and jumping over each other in a …

This is a great deal for the number of frogs they are getting.

Lego Games Frog Rush

lego games frog rush lego frog rush for toy 1

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