LEGO 3884 Creationary Game Replacement Cards Full Deck

A large rug centered in the middle of the hardwood floor is placed so that its height is half a plate taller than the floor, making it seem like a bunch of really thin bricks. A large table sets on the rug and is completely smooth except for a couple places to put objects, such as a lamp, newspaper, or flowerpot.

Lego 3884

A sofa and armchair give you a nice spot to take a break and a clock on the wall will help you keep track of time. There are also some shelves to put some stuff. The dining room has two chairs and a table in front of a big window. A shower and toilet with a big mirror furnish the small bathroom.For easy access, part of the wall can be easily removed. Big glass doors in the bedroom open up to the balcony outside with an awning. In 1949 the company manufactured the first interlocking plastic bricks that have, over the years, become a huge global success. When shipping internationally, you are responsible for any customs duties and taxes that are levied by your destination country. Your phone number is required so that the courier or shipping company can contact you regarding the delivery. With three levels of difficulty you can show off your building skills, while the others guess what you are creating.

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A great game for family and friends to test your imagination, creativity, building and guessing skills to the max. The cards they give with the things they suggest you to build aren’t feasible with the pieces and time they give you. It is no wonder these were discontinued so quickly. Don’t get too caught up in accurately portraying what’s on the card. For us, choosing the color of bricks we used was one of the most important clues to our build. The little man lego is very helpful for building context around your item too.

I look forward to playing it with him and others. Is it missing an important part for the dice, the x2 piece and one of the cards is very bent and wrinkled. Aside from that the set is in good used condition although we will have to find out how to get a replacement for the missing dice piece. It doesn’t need to look like the image, just look enough like something that we will be able to guess it.

You really have to use your creativity to make each picture. Game comes with plenty of lego pieces and you don’t have to add any. The rest of my family does not have this issue and able to play it very well. Lego has definitely raised the bar with this and their other new games.

I thought there would be more “fun” pieces included to make the game worth purchasing.

I suppose if we did not have a giant tub of legos and a device to run the free app my review would be more favorable.

I used it with an average 11 year old and we both had a hard time trying to build the objects in the picture. Knock the other players off their planks and feed them to the sharks before they do the same to you!

A fun elimination game for 2 to 4 players of all ages.

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Lego Instructions

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