LEGO 3937 Olivia’s Speedboat Instructions Viewer

Then go hang on the beach and have a cold drink in the shade of the umbrella or build a sand castle. If you’ve got kids several years older, it may be a bit basic.

Lego 3937

But could also be a good addition to a collection.

I have bought many different sets and will continue to do so until they get tired with them. Remember to check to see how many pieces are in the box.

I put it together and the “multiple” things in one box (speedboat, beach chair, and sand castle) is especially fun for her!This arrived a day before it was stated, and the packaging looked as though it came from the store.

Lego Friends 3937 Olivia’S Speedboat Building Instructions

LEGO Friends 3937– Olivia’s Speedboat Building Instructions.

lego image olivia speedboat ilego friends image oliv

Lego Friends Olivia’S Speedboat Toys For Girls

Lego Friends set 3937 Olivia’s Speedboat with 65 pieces and 1 figure. My Friends playlist: My Bricklink store: …

lego image olivia speedboat ilego friends image oliv 1

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