LEGO 3d: Maneuver Gear [Attack Titan Shingeki Kyojin] Lego®

I think it looks great it little vignettes and such, but it works best as a simple play-feature/addition to these figs. It is also rather simple, which allows me to make many of them which is one of the best aspects.

Lego 3d Maneuver Gear

It also doesn’t use particularly peculiar pieces. It is slightly pose-able and fairly stable unless your figures have really stiff joints – pressing all over it is bound to loosen it. There is enough room for the hands and arms to move into attack/defensive positions, and it also allows for a comforting arm-rest when not in action. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone!A hair blower can help with the time issue or you can simply make a break or something else. The screw in the middle of it will help fixing the steam engines part to it – use your hot glue here!

An old cardboard pipe or even the leftovers of silk ribbon pipes are useful to do these things.

We added ring shaped pieces of this cardboard, cut with a cutter, to give it more 3 dimensional appearance. Covering it with paste and tissue paper to make it look smooth and easy to paint. The big clip you see on top of the red-black-red piece will be used to hold the boxes at the right hight of your legs and still give you the chance to walk normally.

How To Build 3d Lego Maneuver Gear From Attack On Titan

Brick Adjuster reviews Big T’s 3D Maneuver Gear Lego MOC.

Picture 10/11cutting out some extra sword blades;adding details and coloring them.

You can download picture9 of this step to do so, too!

This is because of the impossible way of shipping this light weight, kind of fragile thing. That aside, wonderful tutorial, thank you so much!

Come in all sorts of colors and are easy to mix and clean up.

I was wondering about how heavy was the final prop?

So sry, but the gear is not with me anymore. Minifigs can grip the gas canisters on the blade boxes.

I was expecting, so the parts have a much tighter fit than they should. Despite being scaled down slightly for a child, it took between 200 and 400 hours just to print. Aside from plastic and paint, there’s a lot of straps and velcro going on here to keep everything together, and even four strong magnets to connect the back piece of the harness.

lego maneuver gear attack tihow build lego maneuve 1

Lego Mocs # D Maneuver Gear (Big T)

Hope you enjoy.

lego maneuver gear attack tihow build lego maneuve 2

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