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Just print the stem with supports and the flowers in your favorite color. When printing, remember that the hole points upwards and use support structures if necessary!

Some parts, such as the head or the sword, must be printed with supports. The abdominal part, the back shield, the mouth, the eyes and the mask are later fixed to the figure with superglue. To be able to assemble the parts well, you have to plan a little sanding and cutting. He printed the initials and the age of his child in the body to match the occasion.However, the file is set up so that you can add your own imprints as required. Four connected parts, such as the corner tower, two thick corners and a part of the castle wall took about 22 hours. Lego bricks, the crocodile can also carry passengers or luggage on its back!

When printed and folded out, it measures 25 cm from the snout to the tip of the tail!

For a couple you have to plan around one hour printing time. The individual parts can be printed without support and simply glued together.

3d Printed Human Scale Working Lego Parrot

The iconic LEGO Parrot upscaled and 3D printed to human scale and fitted with working electronics.

I have made the 3D printable

Here is a selection of platforms and communities that provide the necessary files!

What about printing a beautiful nude, an antique torso or even a daring nude model of yourself?

Because of the shape and size of the models, there isn’t a lot of room to do much post processing to the finished bricks so the final printed piece is going to be the best they are going to get. And it should go without saying that this is perfect for kids. There are certainly some that give the illusion of being curved, but they are all based on the same square pattern. This is going to be a complicated print that requires a bit of support, but its small enough that any post processing should be quick. This is perfect for that while and crazy project idea that you have, or for displaying minifigs and other small constricts in a unique way. Because they are at an angle, and have a wide base they are stable and allow figs to be posed in great dynamic ways. There are a ton of different shapes available, including flatter pieces, thicker pieces, short stubby pieces and longer pieces. This is the toy of every kid’s dreams, no matter that kid’s age.

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