Lego Bricks-Inspired 3-Megapixel Digital Camera With LCD Screen

Item/Product Description:

Are you a professional photographer (or a very serious photo-hobbyist) who would like it if your children also followed in your footsteps? Or would you just want your children to develop an appreciation and inclination towards the art and science of this very rewarding hobby? Because if so, here’s your opportunity! Surprise them with this Lego “Classic” bricks-inspired Lego-brand 3-Megapixel digital camera.

Manufactured for Lego by the company called Digital Blue, the camera looks like another Lego toy with all the “classic” red-, yellow-, green-, and blue-colored Lego bricks surrounding it, but it is in fact a very simple yet fully-functional digital camera that seems to be built entirely of Lego bricks. But off course, the Lego bricks were just tightly glued on to the “plastic” camera (its American/English packaging describe it as “Buildable but not breakable!”, while the French packaging screams, “Does not come apart!”). And since there are Lego bricks on top and at the bottom, your children can let their imagination run wild as they attach more bricks on top or at the bottom, forming a camera stand or a tripod out of Lego bricks, for example.

Although far from being able to give today’s 100-or-more-megapixel DSLRs (or even their smartphone/cellphone counterparts) a run for their money, the Lego “Classic” bricks-inspired 3-MP digital camera does quite a decent job for a children’s camera, chronicling the hours and hours of fun that our children spend. Aside from its claimed 3-Megapixel resolution, it boasts of:

  • A 1.5-inch (or 3.81-centimeter) LCD screen at the back so that your children can look at their just-taken photos
  • A built-in, automatic flash with on/off options
  • 4 X Digital Zoom
  • Fixed focus (no Macro mode), allowing an acceptable focus quality of between about 15cm up to infinity, for point-and-shoot convenience
  • An internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (550mAh, 3.7v)
  • A USB connector at the side and a matching USB cable which can be used to charge the internal Lithium-Ion battery as well as to “sync” your children’s photo to a computer
  • A 128-Megabyte (some units actually come with 32 MB or even only 28 MB, so make a quick check at the store by connecting the USB cable to a computer and verifying the “actual” memory size) internal memory (no SD card is needed) that can hold anywhere between 40 to 80, sometimes even 200 images at a time

Additionally, the camera also sports the expected on/off switch and shutter button, plus four buttons at the back (near the LCD screen) which can be used for: switching the flash “on” or “off”; Switching from “photo” mode to “playback” mode so that your child can scroll through the photos; and, of course, deleting photos

Indeed, the buttons are so intuitively easy to navigate that even a three-year-old would find it easy to use this camera, and he/she can easily work out how to switch it on, take photos, and view the photos taken, as well as, of course, delete some photos. Maybe perhaps just to keep the kids “intrigued”, the camera features an internal beeper for the occasional times when the thing feels like beeping, and a front LED also lets the kids know when it is “thinking”. Great, huh?

And to make camera an attractive/saleable proposition to women and girls all over the world, Digital Blue also manufactured a “hers” version of the “classic”-themed camera by replacing the red, yellow, green, and blue bricks with girlie hues of pink, purple, and white.

A typical Lego 3MP camera package comes with:

  • Its distinctive transparent-hard-plastic packaging
  • The 3MP camera itself
  • 3 Lego bricks
  • A USB cable for “syncing” with a computer and recharging the internal Lithium-Ion battery
  • A Quick-Start Guide

Image quality might turn out to be poor (What else would you expect from a kid’s camera? You probably could buy a 2-to-3-megapixel “real” digital camera to get a much better image quality, and most smartphone/cellphone cameras are likely to have better image quality than this one, anyway), but it’s not really about the image quality; it’s about Lego! Kids love Lego, so they will surely have a blast with this camera, and, as sort of a bonus “side-effect”, they will have developed an appreciation for the fine art (and science) of photography. Because, as they say, if you start ‘em young, they will grow up to become very good – even world-famous – practitioners of this highly-rewarding hobby!

Technical Specifications:
  1. Item Model Number(s) – LG10002 for the “for Boys” model (the Lego “Classic” bricks-inspired), LG10004 for the “for Girls” model (the pink-themed one)
  2. Item Weight – 173 g (6.1 oz.)
  3. Shipping Weight – 227 g (8 oz.)
  4. Product Dimensions – 10.16 x 6.35 x 3.81 cm (4 x 2.5 x 1.5 in.)
  5. Lego-style Dimensions – 12 Lego dots long by 3 Lego dots wide by 6 Lego bricks high
  6. Some Assembly Required – No
  7. Number of Pieces – 1
  8. Batteries Required – Yes
  9. Batteries Include – Yes
  10. USB Cable Length  – Approx. 38 cm



  1. My 6-Year-Old Loves It!
    My 6-year-old received this camera for his birthday and is going nuts over it! Taking pictures indoors is quite tough as the view screen is pretty dark, so unless you have lots of indoor light, you can’t see clearly, but once you turn on the flash, the pics come out just fine for him! Our son gets a big kick out of taking his own pictures, and outdoors, the camera takes wonderful pics! He carries it everywhere, happily snapping away! We haven’t transferred the pics on the computer yet as he hasn’t filled it to capacity. The packaging says “up to 80 pics” but I swear it takes more than that! Don’t know yet about its durability as we have only had it for about a week so we’ll find out…

  2. Purchase Was Wrong
    The Lego bricks attached to the camera are much smaller in size than the standard Lego bricks, and the display shows an annoying line down the middle which makes reviewing photos a pain, but I did not return the camera due to the fact that my grandson received it as a gift and he really loves playing with it, despite the picture quality being really poor. This is supposed to be a 3-Megapixel camera, so I would have expected something much better

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