LEGO 3mp Digital Camera

But if you can find it, it’s a fun camera for very young kids. The camera controls all photography features automatically.

Lego 3mp Digital Camera

It starts up fast, and its shot to shot delays are minimal, unless the flash is used. However, the camera body does not come apart (unless a youngster takes a hammer to the camera, which might be tempting for some kids). A three year old would find it easy to use this camera, and can easily work out how to switch it on, take photos, and view photos on the camera. Flash photos are often washed out / over exposed and there is a lot of red-eye.It looks like a toy camera, and the pictures look like typical toy-camera photos. Image quality is quite poor – but the camera is quite good fun for kids. It’s even more fun if your children enjoy lego as they can build on to it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to last very long, as ours broke after a around a month of letting the kids play with it. Kids will enjoy the camera, whereas adults will most likely be disappointed with the photo quality. Subjects also need to be around 1 metre away from the camera when using flash.

Lego 3mp Digital Camera Overview

Here is the lego digital camera from 2009!

However saying all of this – the camera looks great – and always gets a reaction. So as long as you don’t care about the photo quality you can actually have some fun with this camera, and it might make a great “disposable” digital camera. The display screen is distorted as you can see by the pictures. Start button [on top] turns unit on and off. The camera holds up to 80 photos at a time. And reviewers here have said the camera can store 150-200 images. Simple to use and while the images aren’t great, they are ok. The child needs to learn to hold still when taking the photo, and to pay attention to the lighting. And as others say, beware the super flash. Worse yet, when you delete a photo on the camera, it does not free up disk space; you need to delete the photos (even the “deleted” ones) when connected to a computer to create space for additional photos. In addition the camera takes terrible pictures. The controls on the camera are primitive, non-intuitive and hard to use. Their fathers are almost as enthusiastic over these cameras as they were; daddy got to play with them first!

Something for them to look back on; it is so lovely to see what catches a child’s eye. There was a wedding picture of my sister and brother in law taken by their 3 year old (from a great distance down because she was so short!) and for some reason that brought a tear to my eye. Even though the picture quality wasn’t great, you really can’t expect too much out of what is essentially a toy for a toddler. Within the first days he had taken more than 100 pictures. It is a pinhole camera that does not need any focusing but the pictures do not get that sharp anyway. And because there is not much light coming through the lens the exposure time is pretty long which means the kids need to learn how to hold the camera still. They sometimes pick this up and take some shots.

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Review Of Working Lego Camera

The sweetest digital camera of history.

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