But pay careful attention to the acceleration and deceleration wheels. This basically answers my question about how acceleration works on a gondola, and basically confirms my suspicion that acceleration has a lot to do with why top speeds on aerial trams are typically higher than on gondolas.

Lego 3s

Basically the length of the acceleration zone is proportional to the speed squared, so if you want to double the speed of your gondola you need to build much longer stations with 4 times the acceleration/deceleration wheels, whereas attached systems do not require acceleration/deceleration wheels as all the acceleration is done by the cable itself. The model cable car functions just like a real one. The cabins run on two support cables while being pulled by a traction cable. At the stations they are automatically uncoupled from the traction cable and slowed down.Sophisticated sensor technology automatically detects the distance between the cabins and adjusts it accordingly. The cabins can be parked “overnight” in the gondola station. This process of garaging takes place – in the model as in the original – at the push of a button, fully automatically and is part of every demonstration.

Detachable 3s Lego Ropeway / Kuppelbare Seilbahn (Version 2.0)

Pictures here:!/media/set/?set=a.321674990161… First video of …

lego detachable lego ropewa 1

St Original Cabinovia S Lego (Ballabio Lecco ) Tricable Detachable Gondola Ropeway

Cabinovia trifune ad ammorsamento automatico presentata da Stefano Prosseda, Paolo Sutto e Paolo Goretti all’esposizione …

lego detachable lego ropewa 2

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