LEGO 4 App

The main emphasis of this game is for kids to construct their own vehicle and for them to drive their vehicle to many different destinations. This kids app is mainly a vehicle-game with some integrated puzzle elements.

Lego 4 App

The route on which the vehicle drives depends on the type of vehicle. The kids can drive their vehicle to the zoo, airport and landfill etc. Whilst the kids drive their vehicle to it’s destination, small bricks can be collected along the way. Those bricks come in handy as some more great vehicle parts can be earned.This fantastic combination is really motivating for the kids and also great fun and entertainment too. There’s one big button for the acceleration and another special button to control other functions such as the lights for the police car or flying the helicopter up in the air. The game is not over and the vehicle does not fall into pieces when that happens. In this game app, every kid will get to it’s destination – superb!

Those trophies are visible in the sceneries of the next tours. A lot of other developers could really have a slice of that.

Lego 4+ App Review Ipad

Our Kid expert reviews the Lego 4+ app for iPad.

If they collect enough coins, they unlock new parts for the vehicle. The structure then appears in the background the next time they drive the course. Kids can keep playing, unlocking pieces as they go. The one challenge is that the kids can only miss one coin in the course in order to unlock the next part. Younger kids may find this frustrating as the controls get trickier (moving forward and flying, for example). Much younger and the controls may be too challenging. Free building and driving game is fun while it lasts. The parents’ guide to what’s in this app. Kids will enjoy motoring their vehicles and jumping to collect coins, but they won’t learn much. The controls for driving/flying the vehicles may be somewhat challenging to younger kids, especially those who aren’t used to video games. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. In workshop space, kids choose and swipe on parts to create a vehicle with wheels, blue legs (cute!), or a helicopter top. Once completed, kids tap on buttons (that change every once in a while) to advance or hop/fly the vehicle to collect coins along the way. At the end of their route, kids get a simple puzzle to assemble in any order they choose. Building cars/trucks/helicopters with different pieces and then having the chance to drive them is cool. There aren’t really enough reward sculptures (only eight), so they start to repeat as kids strive to unlock 11 truck pieces (there are 16 total). Still, it’s excellent quality, fun, and free. It’s a great addition to the preschool app library. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Who knows, you may have the next summer blockbuster in your hands…literally!

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