LEGO 4 Players: The Greatest Player Op Video Games

It’s plenty of fun to unwind with a single player video game, but there’s something special about getting three friends together and steamrolling through a co-op campaign. Whether it’s slaying zombies, pulling off massive heists, or just chasing loot, there are few video game experiences that aren’t more fun with friends.

Lego 4 Players

Here are 9 of our favorite 4-player co-op games. Team up with three friends and you’re in for hours worth of frantic bullet hell action. Payday is awesome because you don’t have to go in guns blazing – the possibility of a stealth run adds an extra layer of challenge and cooperative opportunity to each level. But getting together three friends means graduating to deadlier adventures where those same hordes of hellspawn push your collective prowess to the limit.Players of all skill levels and play styles could do their part, whether it was mowing down enemies on the frontlines or hanging back and staying alive, ensuring teammates always have a place to respawn. It also feels great helping your teammates complete difficult missions that require a lot of fire power. Of course, collecting extra loot while assisting your allies is always a plus. But friends can quickly turn into frenemies. Because the levels are flexible enough that they don’t demand 100% cooperation, your teammates can quickly become obstacles instead of assistants. Gauntlet’s cooperative focus was a breath of fresh air, inviting gamers to assume the role of one of four unique characters and team up to destroy infinite legions of ghosts, grunts, and demons.

Lego Marvel’S Avengers Part 01 (4 Players)

Hey everyone and welcome to our new Let’s Play of LEGO Marvel Avenger’s for the Playstation 4!

This will be a co-op let’s play …

There are tons of great 4-player co-op games out there, but these were just 9 of our personal favorites. This will include various fixes and improvements to the multiplayer code, so much so, that we’ve expanded the game sessions to allow for 4 players!

It’s something that will be solved over time, but as it’ll take a while, we felt it’s not worth holding back for any longer. Stattdessen dreht man gefühlt immer um mindestens 90°.

lego players greatest playerlego marvel avengers p 1

Player Split Screen For Lego Marvel ( Not Click Bait)

Please watch.

I want to share this before it gets patched so you guy can try it to.

lego players greatest playerlego marvel avengers p 2

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