LEGO 4 Sale

Bag has a good assortment of large and small pieces. Big range of pieces from many kits – see photos.

Some instructions available if wanted but can’t guarantee they match the pieces!

Full set of instructions and all pieces included. Comes with several figures and around 90 pieces in total. Retired set no longer available in stores.Boxes and instructions availabe for most of the items if wanted. Fun building pieces for either a boy or a girl. All discs at least very good condition (very minimal scratches), most are excellent with no scratches. Most covers are great, some may have old price tags or minimal scuffing, all open/close properly. She’s attending school across the river from our home. She is at her best when talked positively to and encouraged.

Legos For Sale

Buy items here! For more LEGO Videos feel free to Subscribe, means a lot to me …

This comes in original shipping box which has not been opened, so the actual box is protected and in mint condition. Lego figures, 8 sets, all instructions, some unused sticker sets and some boxes. Has strictly been display peices only,, and not played with. Suitable for kids from around 5 years to 13 years. This set was released in 2009 and is a very rare set. Instructions in good condition as only used to build set once. This set has lots of nice features that are easy to miss. All of the doors can be opened – the two on the main truck body as well as for the operator of the boom arm in the top cabin.

lego sale legos for sale

Colossal Lego Collection For Sale

The boys have unboxed their old lego collection to sell. Also see on Amazon: Lego Star Wars Slave I: 

lego sale legos for sale 1

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