LEGO 4 Scrum: No More Lego® Agile Workshops Marvel Instead

Not just selling a kit once, but renting it repeatedly to corporate clients instead is a much more favorable business. In the end, anything “created” was accepted, no sprint ever failed.

Lego 4 Scrum

To my experience, very few stakeholders are willing to entrust their personal careers to other people for the benefit of the doubt, given the magnitude of their perceived loss of control. Marvel , one of the most advanced prototyping tools.

I have had the opportunity to watch them progress. The first hour of most workshops is a one hour scrum immersion.It is very fast and generates a lot of excitement. In the first 5 minutes everyone builds a lot without any thought of the product owner. They lead scrum for two 20 minute sprints. Later, when everyone catches their breath, we tell them what they learned. All teams volunteer for the workshops as we have an opt-in transformation. The workshops were whole team and often involved senior leadership, the business, as well as all teams.

Lego Scrum Game 2017

Teaching teamwork, agile project management and agile development using Lego Blocks to make things for an evil dictator who …

That’s about 700 folks in a few areas that didn’t volunteer until this year.

We swap play and traditional learning modes constantly. Once we agreed on two “versions”, we split the group into two teams. And all four without a software background had: a) something to show they participated in making and b) a much better understanding how product management & engineering in an agile set-up actually works. On the other hand, you do have a team dynamism going on: people working together making something. How will you achieve this team dynamism using a prototyping tool?

Isn’t it a potential pitfall that people will use their own case to work on (with too high expectations) and possibly be disappointed about the result, or focus more on the end result and less on the learning part?

The website operator has a legitimate interest in analyzing user behavior to optimize both its website and its advertising. The game will dedicate specific time to the various phases: 5 min. Sprint planning meeting, basically commit to some stories and make an initial task breakdown 8 min. It requires embracing a different set of value and principles, and thereby establishing a mindset strongly based on collaboration and focused on delivering customer value. The real challenge begins after the training when it’s time to apply theoretical knowledge to the real project. Want to receive information from agile42 including the latest activities of the company, plus the occasional special updates and invitations.

We will treat your information with respect.

You are very much welcome to contribute to our community with a translation into your language. This book summarises years of experiments and hundreds of lego4scrum workshops with groups of 10 to 150 participants. Scaled #lego4scrum – done with 155 people!

So here are few ideas for its replacement.

I took it upon myself to investigate opportunities on how to increase collaboration and understanding of the scrum process with my teams as they worked on multiple projects that were driving towards one collective goal. We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a website. So please mention the author and this website when using this work. Turn off cell phones, tablets and computers. On this page, you will read what you need to prepare to organize this workshop yourself.

You can of course also ask me to facilitate the workshop.

Lego Simulation Scrum Workhop — Agile Strides

lego scrum more lego agile wlego scrum game image

Best is to plan three hours, to be on the safe side. It is not necessary to define the groups before the workshop; this is part of the workshop.

You could, for example, use bricks like this .

You need the extra flipcharts to create a release burndown, sprint overview, and the agenda. Depending on your workshop, you also need planning poker cards . The room should be large enough to work comfortably for three hours (maximum) with a group of approximately 40 people. With 40 people the group will split up into five to eight groups. Every team will need a table to work together. Additionally, there is one extra table required to show the result. The teams should be 3-9 people, that is the only constraint. Ask the teams also to come up with a team name.

Lego 4 Scrum

When the teams are created, explain the roles. Oh, indeed also explain them you want the development teams to create a city. The requirements of the city are described by using user stories . The next step is to explain estimation and the planning poker game. The teams need to estimate all user stories. When you told about estimations and planning it is time for the team to start estimating all user stories. Just put all the user stories on the wall and have the teams estimate them one by one. Make sure you have one small user story as an example, to make sure the teams have a reference point.

No More LEGO® At Agile Workshops Use Marvel Instead

To finish this part, summarize the points on all user stories to have a total number of points for the release backlog. Update the release burndown flipchart with the total number of points. How much user stories do they think they can realize in the first sprint?

When the teams are done, update the sprint overview board. Let’s start the first sprint… seven minutes timeboxed!

After precisely seven minutes end the sprint, everyone raises your hands!

As you work with multiple teams, you would like to see one integrated city on the table in the front. In my workshops, there are not many teams who deliver their forecast in the first sprint. Also, update the release burndown and the team sprint overview dashboard. After every sprint, the team should have a short retrospective. Explain the concept of actionable items .The retrospective is also timeboxed and will take five minutes. Did you change your strategy during the release?

What problems did you encounter and could you not solve?

Make sure you have a happiness door , to collect feedback from the attendees when they leave the workshop. If you are interested in this workshop, feel free to reach out to me. However, you can run it as stand-alone workshop as well.

Uts Lego Scrum Game V

The Lego SCRUM game is used to introduce students to SCRUM sprint planning, doing and retrospectives, and to teach …

To run the game you split the participants into teams between 4 and 8 people. The game is very sophisticated and deserves some preparation time (approx. The city is built incrementally (sprints ). Product owner delivers the requirements of the city (characteristics of buildings, streets, parks, ets.) as user stories . Learn to negotiate with the team about acceptance criteria and the deliverable. Learn to communicate focused on the sprint goal. Learn how to plan and organize tasks during a sprint. Learn to estimate fast and precisely based on the experience. Learn how to coach and suggest improvements to the team. One facilitator can manage from 2 to 4 teams. Tell them to talk amongst themselves for 5 minutes, find things in common and pick a team name. Each team should write their team name on a board. That is to maximize the business value per effort applied in each sprint.As a customer, you think that those details are obvious to you and for everyone. If a team did something awesome but it is not aligned with the acceptance criteria, do not approve and do not let them convince you. The trainer will limit their answer as much as possible only answering exactly what it has been asked. Sprint timebox : check the time of the sprint. It is good to display a timer in a screen. Tell them that you have some new great ideas and that the business value of some stories changed. Tell them that you have more new ideas or that some other business values changed. After sprint 4 or 5 stop the game before the expected 7-8 sprints. The teams must separate the stories they claim to be done. For each team review each story and summarize the business value of the stories that you only accept as done. The value done by each team will be summarized. Tell that although not all the requirements are done, we have a working product ready for production that has most of the value with the minimum effort.

lego scrum more lego agile wlego scrum game image

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