LEGO 4 Wheel Drive Steering

Power through the turns like never before with ultra-realistic steering. Technic vehicle left, right or straight ahead with any one of 15 steering axle positions.

Lego 4 Wheel Drive Steering

This is great for vehicle steering and any kind of proportional control. As well as steering or aircraft flight surfaces, the proportional function can be used for robot limbs or facial features, or to drive a pneumatic servo for proportional pneumatic control.

I used this function to control rail points (on the right in the picture) and also a points junction for a new type of monorail (on the left in the picture). Volt version 4531) does not need any modification to the points because the servo motor has plenty of torque.When changing the rail points with a pole reverser switch (centre position for point straight, down for point curved, up position blocked with a 1×2 slider plate) the servo will move the points to exactly the right position without the operator having to watch or listen for the clutch gear slipping and the wow-wow sound of the gearmotor when it does so.

You can connect servo motors in parallel electrically, such as to control two rail points together, one at each end of a loop, to change trains.

I will use these loops several times on my layout – 12 points to select from 4 trains each way. Quick changes of trains are better at exhibitions because people can see the new train sooner – the changeover speed is enabled by the servo motor.

I tested the servo motor parallel operation. When controlled together with very weak batteries or high loads the two servos might not actuate at exactly the same time but they will both keep retrying and get to their destinations unless the load is too great.

Under high load the servo will do its best to get to the destination but if it detects an overload it will release the torque so as not to damage itself. If you find this happening in your model then you should either gear it down or use two servos in parallel. It was very easy to fit into a model and worked great.

I used on a monster truck once and now it sometimes hesitates or does not return to center. It works fine for a while but every once in awhile it will not return to center and you have to turn the battery box off and then on again.

I would recommend this to someone else though because mine was probably one in a 100 servo motors that has that problem. It comes with the 4×4 crawler and works well. If you use it with the ir controller from the train you can get 7 different steps in each direction. If you use it with the supplied ir controller it is just right/ left/ straight. Great way of controlling steering/ fine control in a model.

We need more power functions/ technic/ trains in the stores!

This heavy-duty model also features opening doors and top section. Rebuild it into a tough 4×4 off-road truck!

It still has all of it’s major functions, including steering, suspension, and four-wheel drive!

The front bumper has a multiple level ground spoiler beneath the concealed headlights. All of this can be seen much more easily in the animation.

lego wheel drive steering lego awd steering syst

Lego Awd Steering System With Instructions

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lego wheel drive steering lego awd steering syst 1

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