LEGO 40: Technic Year Anniversary Model

The swing-axle suspension has been re-created effectively, but only has one shock per wheel. The flat-four rear engine has been re-created using the smaller modern circular pistons.

The yellow cooling fan has also been replicated. The seats could slide back and forward and a ratchet mechanism allowed you to tilt the seats back. This celebration model only allows you to slide the seats back and forth. This is probably due to the limited selection of parts available.Who knows, maybe there will be another fusion model hiding in some of the larger 2017 sets that will be revealed later in the year. So it really isn’t a 40 year anniversary set.

I think an updated version of 853 would have been better as this is the original chassis and is 40 years old. Who knows, there maybe a new version of 853 in there somewhere. It’s a shame that this year’s sets aren’t as inspiring as last year’s. Perhaps the anniversary came a year late!

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Instead what do we get for the 40th anniversary?

Even the modular building series got an awesome set for it’s “10th” anniversary.

I would’ve preferred a full size commemorative version as a set in its own right with retro style packaging along with some other great sets dotted along the technic timeline such as 8862, 8880, 8480 etc. Is that only in the 2017 sets, or also in the 2016 sets available during 2017?

You can view a couple of large images after the break. Looks exactly like the original instructions.

I was looking for these instructions for so long. Since there isn’t any parts list in the instructions, it’s hard to know what is needed. What really cracks me up is that there are 10x as many steps in the modern model’s instructions!

I will buy these 3 sets if can find the pieces elsewhere. This is a set you can build by having the pieces of the 3 individual sets, or by having spares. Amazon currently has the three sets for just under £80.

I think it sold more and overall looks better than 853. As mentioned before, the build consists of 572 pieces, leaving 530 pieces unused. No stickers are required, but don’t worry if you have applied any of them before: pieces with stickers are either not used or placed in the way that no stickers are exposed or ruin the car’s exterior. About ten minutes into the building process you’ll find yourself holding a neat bundle of beams with an engine attached. Nothing functions at the moment, yet most of the gears will be used in the next several steps. A bit later the simplest gearbox takes its place. All in all, you’ll need 6 gears of two of the most common types to be able to switch between three speeds. During the next several steps the gear box gets covered with beams, while the rear of the chassis is being decorated is a nicely devised way. Each of the sets required by the model contains one white anniversary beam, and it was especially pleasant to find out that all three are used in the building process. The first one acts as a rear plate number. The next part of the chassis contains the gear stick. Its three positions match with three available modes: neutral, first gear and second gear.

Minifigure 40

lego technic year anniversarlego series blind bags

Thanks to an asymmetrical structure, the stick can be securely locked in each gear with no risk of shifting during play. First, several minutes of driving the car on a table is a must. A top front view gives a great opportunity to examine the model. By the way, can you spot the difference between the seats?

One of the least expected features of the model is the ability to change the distance between the seats and the dash panel. Both seats can be moved back and forth along an axle beneath, and in the picture below you can compare both end positions. The dash panel is as simple as it can be with only three transparent colored 1×1 round plates which are supposed to be either buttons or displays.

I love how appropriate the gear stick looks in the finished model. At the same time, the stick is extremely convenient to use during play. The front panels and the bumper have a lot in common with the 8860 car. Here’s the second 1×3 anniversary beam placed as the front number plate.

Lego 40 Anniversary

Below the chassis, there are several beams and frames that make the whole structure very, very robust and durable. Also, here’s the third anniversary beam hidden between the front wheels. And there is plenty of room for any sort of upgrade or customization. The model isn’t just great study material, but also a perfect base for your own creations. Many of the unused parts can be used to change the car’s exterior: you can even attach a telescopic boom between the seats or replace the front bumper with a scoop. Don’t expect any “cool” building techniques or peculiar mechanisms. Like its ancestor, the 8860 set from 1977, this car is a beautiful illustration of the vehicle’s main mounts and feels like it was built 40 years ago.

I had one as a kid, and bought it again in recent years, along with almost all of the successors!

Technic 40 Year Anniversary Model

One side of the boxes will have a ’40 1977-2017′ logo on them, too, which you can see after the break. What would be really special would be a re-release of one of the very first technical sets. Surely they must have something special in the pipeline for the 40th anniversary. Christmas day 1979, five o’ clock in the morning: my first ever glimpse of sophistamacated (to my ten-year-old eyes) notions as pistons, racks, and universal joints. Even having to apply the ‘9’ sticker didn’t dampen my mood. Oh, and there’s one more surprise — a re-release of the first minifigure ever produced!

So yeah, you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy — it’s as devastatingly effective a scheme as it sounds, especially if you really, really want to collect all 16. Unsurprisingly, he’ll be harder to track down — with every mystery bag you’ll have a 1-in-60 chance of him making an appearance. Fast forward to today and those inaugural characters have evolved nearly as much as the world around them, offering endless roleplay possibilities. So, as one of the planet’s tiniest icons celebrates its big 4…0, here are some milestone moments from its very big story. Fast forward to 2018 and there are now more than 650 unique faces in the collection, meaning children can have fun roleplaying different characters and personalities – anytime, anywhere.But in the four decades since, the number of minifigures available has risen to more than 8, 000. And if you’re worried about our robotic friends, don’t be. Did you know that eight different moulds are used for the production of every minifigure?

The precision that goes into these moulds is exceptional, and because the original moulds are almost identical to the ones we use today, minifigures from 1978 can be mixed and matched with the more modern characters from today!

First and foremost, that means a whole lot of enjoyment.

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