LEGO 4000029 Classic Th Anniversary Limited Edition Windmill

The sets included are the windmill, 4000029, and the truck, 4000029. They will be packed carefully to ensure that they arrive in the condition pictured.

You may not get the same number that is shown in the picture.

I do not see any bent corners, rips, tears or creases. Ordered for nephews birthday and he was ecstatic over getting it. Collect all 3 to complete the set of these limited edition anniversary products: 4000028, 4000029, 4000030.I bought these for my collection, not to play with.

Lego 60th Anniversary Sets 4000028 House 4000029 Windmill Official Hd Pictures & Comparison

Lego Windmill | Th Anniversary Limited Edition | Build And Review |

Walmart got an exclusive. And it’s a build. So, what do I think about Walmart doing …

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