LEGO 4002

Includes eight minifigures and a baby figure. Middle level features a music store with a buildable drum set, two guitars and saxophone element; photo studio with buildable classic camera and adjustable tripod; and a dental office with buildable reclining chair, waiting area, telephone and a sink.

Lego 4002

Also includes a buildable telephone, grill, baby carriage and buildable lamps. Remove the building sections to access the detailed interior. Adjust the camera tripod and take photos all around the square. Recline the dentist chair and reveal those pearly whites!Fold out the sofa bed and relax while you admire your modular buildings collection!

Measures over 13” (35cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep. What really made me pull the trigger was seeing the dentist office and apartment that had a bathroom. However, one won’t be disappointed if one is new to the modular scene. It was also challenging at times, but not to bad. Pushing a button so the pastries come out of the oven in the bakery is just cute.

Lego System 4002 Riptide Racer Boat From 1996

Legos to be fun, for it’s like building a jigsaw puzzle that when all the pieces are together it forms something that can displayed for a long time. This is much better than crossword puzzles and a great way to keep the ‘mind working’.

I have had so much fun building this and marvelling at the amazing detail and ingenious use of bricks!

This set is a little more expensive than the others but at just over 4000 pieces and the amazing level of detail, it is understandable.

lego image lego system image ripti 1

Lego # Powerboat Brick For Brick

Lego#4002 Powerboat Brick-for-Brick Anleitung: …

lego image lego system image ripti 2

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