LEGO 40028: Mini Hogwarts Express

It’s small enough to take along with us, and since there are wheels, it makes a great toy to play with. The only piece that doesn’t stay on when my son plays with it is the black funnel at the top, but it hasn’t been an issue (and, besides, we have so many of those teeny round pieces so even if we do lose it we could probably easily replace it).

Lego 40028

He was also excited that the train moved. The only thing that would’ve been better is if the headlights lit up. Doesn’t fall apart easily which is a big plus.

I don’t think it’s available in stores any more so we were happy to get it.

Harry Potter Lego Train Speed Build!

Set #40028

The build took about 5 minutes…

I hope you enjoy(ed) this video!

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lego image mini hogwarts expharry potter lego trai 1

Lego Mini Hogwarts Express ()

Time-lapse of my Lego Mini Hogwarts Express build.

lego image mini hogwarts expharry potter lego trai 2

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