LEGO 40172

Build the chunky number cubes and display them on the special stand with minifigure, turning them every day to show the correct date. Includes 4 buildable number blocks, display stand and a minifigure.

Lego 40172

Turn the blocks around each day to show the correct date. Calendar displayed on stand measures over 3” (8cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 2” (7cm) deep. It looks great and whimsical, a fun way to start the day. There are a number of of colour-coded tiles used on some of the cube faces and it took my a moment to work out their purpose, basically to provide a level cross-section for the cube to sit on when that face is down in the tray.Top crossbar then a two stud tile down from the right side.

I did need to reconfigure the “8” on the red/orange cube as without this change, there weren’t enough white single tiles. Yet the building procedure was extremely satisfying. The size of this set just fits nicely on my desk, and the bright colour scheme adds so much colour to my boring daily routine. Easy to build but kept me quiet for half hour!

The set consists of four cubes with numbers on each face, and a stand that will hold them in a diagonal position.

Lego Creator 40172 Brick Calendar Lego Speed Build

The 1×4 black plates along the edges seem to serve no purpose other than to ensure the 1×1 bricks are mounted squarely. First, all the numerals, except the 6/9 and 0, are 4×5 studs in size making those three look too big. The 6 can be similarly corrected but that will mean that when turned to make a 9 it will have a row of studs at the bottom instead of at the top, which will probably bother me but perhaps not as much as it being too big. It doesn’t have a lot going for it, to be honest, other than the 32 1×1 2 stud bricks. It’s also pretty impractical and unnecessary these days although it could well be a good conversation starter when sat on your office cubicle’s desk, particularly if you want everyone to know you’re a fan of the brick.

I have been looking for that hairpiece in a cheap set for my personal figure. You’re right, who needs a calendar these days?

This calendar seems useful only for those few who want to expose rather than hide their brickdiction to the workplace. Fortunately none of these things take up much room but this massive calendar construct would!

Or ditch the office theme and have seasonal accessories to switch out in the middle.

We got a batgirl minifig with a surfboard to make the slash in the middle. It’s also worth it if you don’t want to use it as a calendar. Lots of flat pieces that would be nice for trim on a building etc. But, it wasn’t particularly fun to put together which was expected. It’s just building the same thing over and over and over.

I really like the cubes and how it looks on my desk.

I would have gave this 5 stars but it gets 4 since the box it came in was damaged with a hole.

Lego Brick Calendar Time Lapse | Review

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I picked this up a couple of days ago along with some Brickheadz …

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